Citizens, witness my weeping whistleblower asshole

I can’t help but feel that this is a country where serious (dare we say) political issues only start to matter when the opportunity to make a spectacle of oneself arises from the situation; when there are loud crowds to join and cameras to cry in front of. It makes you lose respect for everyone involved, even those who are in it for the sincere betterment of the situation.

Personally, I think Lozada is a duplicitous prick and is out to milk this country’s dire need for a hero for all its worth. If he goes to jail, then I’ll have to worry about seeing his flat shiny tear streaked face plasteed on tarps across Edsa with claims to his nobility and so-called honesty. Remorse is overrated. I’m not surpised that Lozada is touted the way he is because in this country where we need the approval of the catholic church before taking to the streets, a few tears and lip quivers go a long way. I remember reading an article wherein juries were proven to show more mercy to the accused once they showed a little remorse on the stand. A puffy teary eyed face works best when the story needs someone to tag as its protagonist. Heck, it works for me every time I get caught for swerving. ” see?

The fact that he was a witness is enough to implicate a key role in the scandal (NO SHIT). So what do you do when you realize that this could all come to light? Whip around and point the finger with tears streaming down your cheeks, hide behind someone who can guard whatever moral high ground you would otherwise have no business laying claim to, and try to make everybody look worse than you while downplaying whatever part you played. So what else is new, right? Is a whistleblower even necessary for this one? I mean, aren’t we–as a nation, as an electorate–perfectly aware of the pistol aimed up our asses every time we turn in our votes, every time we pay our taxes?

We’ve been through several governments since the first Edsa and it’s the same thing every time; somehow the government is no longer to blame because of the systemic problems that make it far too easy to fuck us over again and again. Is there ever even going to be a last straw, because the cycle is too fucking obvious already. My friend and I talked about something tangentially related the other day, about how John Locke said that a second marriage is the triumph of hope over reason. (You have to trust him, he’s John Locke) So in this case, what can be regarded as reason? We’ve been through the second, third, and fourth marriage–if there is an alternative, then what the fuck is it.

Anyway, check out the whale. See the whale? Hahaha whale!

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