In the Future, My Kids will Think They Came From the Stork

Before this I had a diplomatic and rational entry relating why I had a problem with the Anti-pornography and Obscenity bill, but fuck all that. I’m pissed that the net’s not woking properly and my entry got lost in the cyber vortex of lost blogs, and I’m pissed that my baby brother scolded me a few days ago for saying “Naked” because it’s a “bad word”.

Hey senate, fuck you! While Wowowee! can shed light on where the juvenalia that is the Anti-Porn bill is coming from, what it can’t solve is how people will negotiate their sexuality, or for that matter, their naked bodies, because obviously local institutions think they can take matters of what if obscene, pornographic, and offensive into their own hands.

To say that what is offensive to some may not be offensive to others, or that porn can be art is an overused argument and is beside the point. But does anyone seriously think that censoring things that are potentially offensive will do anything to educate people on their humanity and the sexuality that comes with it? Will it do anything to yank us out of the patriarchal-capitalist mindset that it’s okay to commodify the female form, to use is a source of entertainment, and an object of pleasure and fantasy?
Forget censoring sex, how about censoring stupidity? Just this morning Imee Marcos was in the lifestyle section again, does anyone want to do anything about that.

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