You’re probably on your way home right now, it’s 8:45 and I’m guessing you’re on a jeep somewhere in the bowels of Makati.

You know what I noticed, whenever we’re together for extended periods of time we end up talking about the could’ve beens and what-ifs. Like what if we hadn’t gotten back together, what if I stuck it out with Baki and you pursued Isis, what if you’d stuck with offshoring, get the picture? But we’re here now, so screw the could’ve beens; even if we usually yearn for something outside of our realities, I can’t take mine for granted. You’re wonderful. And we spent the weekend together but instead of staying up late, talking and relishing staying in for a change, we chose to work, and nap, and work some more. Work is interesting, what I do has nothing to do with what you do. It’s nice to be in such close proximity to someone you love while attending to completely different matters.

You know what else, last week we hit the 4 year and 4 months +/- 7 months mark. That’s a pretty long time. Of course the most time we spent together last week was spent with me sewing and you emailing people and watching…was it Superman? I think it was Superman, whatever–I LIKE TO COOK!

I don’t know a lot of people who’ve been together longer than us and can still find it awesome just staying in on the weekends of their 4 year and 4 months +/- 7 months anniversary thingies. Monogamy’s a pretty big thing among bicurious girls with the attention spans of goldfish. Whoa…I just mentioned bicuriosity and I had a flash of Sarie Cruz saying “Guyabera” and how hot she is when she does that.

Nikki texted me a while ago. I’m comforted by the idea that there is no shortage of constants in my life. You, like the pouch of fat on my belly, are one of them.

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