Money can’t solve boredom

Or maybe money solves the problem once I buy myself something happy, like a ukulele or a book, then after that the money’s gone and you’re bored again. I’m here because of money and the boredom is making my ears bleed.The best part of my day was still hanging out at MLNW with Isa. Friends and clothes are a good combination, especially when the clothes help bring in money.

But I now know that 0101.01.00 is the harmonized system’s tariff code for “Live Swine”.

Online Town Meeting with Obama on CNN. America wants its shitty jobs back so I might be out of skyscraper work if their plan pushes through. Then again, SGS isn’t an American company. It’s weird that we’re still swamped with work considering the financial crisis and the fact that we’re handling trade contracts for countries in deeper squalor than our own. Makes you wonder about all the money swirling around the world, and you have to ask where the hell your sense of security is hanging.

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