Lessons Learned

The way I see it, productivity and speed are overrated. It’s when you get the chance to do something genuinely meaningful with your life that you drop everything and grab it by the balls (and give it a twist, but let’s not get too graphic). Finding out what’s meaningful to you is the real challenge. Productivity is overrated, it fools you into thinking you’re a better person only because you turn out more, more, more. There’s always more, but shouldn’t we give more relevance to what “more” is comprised of? (wow, I used the word more 3 times in that sentence. My job’s really getting to me)

I used to feel that accolades and titles were all that mattered, then it hit me that I hardly even let my academic life get to me while it lasted. College was great though: in school by 8, out by 7p at the latest, out of the house again at 10 and back in bed by 2. Come to think of it it’s not college I really remember but everything in between. Everything in between was great, from the formation of the dyke squad to the jetting from place-to-place, to finding the love-of-my-life (and everything in between that, as well), the crises and the opportunities.

Now a large chunk of it is over, and I was too busy being “productive” to bid it a proper farewell in a pretty white dress surrounded by my batchmates. I was back at work by Monday and the guy who sits across from me was there to greet me with a “Welcome to the real world” smirk. Again about this real world crap, it doesn’t have to be bleak. we can always create our own truths out of it. Right now my truth is being on the road at 7 am, clocking in, hurried lunches, and sitting in traffic all the way home. But in between all that, there’s the swingset at Salcedo park and time to make pretty things.

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