Less Envy, More Fanmail: GEMMA CORRELL

on music, sadness, and dreams where all your teeth fall out

Gemma Correll is an illustrator who does lovely narrative pieces on her “boring life”. Her site also features typography, drawings of pugs, patterns, prints, and a link to her Etsy. We both like coffee so I’d like to believe that if we’d met, we’d be good friends.

Everything, after the jump.

Hi Gemma! Could you suggest a song that you can safely assume I’ve never heard before, but would not be able to live without once I heard it?

Hm, it would probably be something by Jeffrey Lewis. I like my music to have a narrative to it, so I love artists like Regina Spektor and Belle & Sebastian. Jeff Lewis makes comics and writes songs about his life. I think that’s why I’m drawn to him, since I tend to illustrate the mundane things that happen to me in my boring life in my diaries and zines. “The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane” would be a good song to start off with.

And on a completely related note, what do you do when you’re sad and you have no access to a pen and paper? What induces your emotional sugar highs? And how would you interpret a dream where all your teeth fall out?

When I’m sad I usually draw, so being sad with no access to pen & paper makes for very bad times… The next best thing would to be to have some downtime, to read a newspaper or magazine and have a huge mug of decent coffee next to me. Preferably some cake too.
I do get super-hyper when I come up with an idea that I really like, or draw something good (which doesn’t happen often). I think being an artist actually induces a kind of manic-depression in which you’re flung into some terrible lows when things aren’t going well, and these lows are kind of hard to get out of. But then when something works, or goes well, you can be thrown into this eurphoric state all day where you’re super-productive and still buzzing when (and if) you eventually decide to go to bed.

The Greeks say that teeth falling out in a dream means that a friend or relative is sick or dying. My interpretation would be more along the lines of; it means you’re afraid of losing something, or someone. or maybe you’re just worried about your teeth falling out because you drank too much soda.

Eek, I rambled a bit, sorry.

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