Bullet points (I wish I was): A tribute to my dead LJ

    • I woke up and chose tea over coffee, which was one giant leap for my poor caffeine logged veins, until I realized that tea is caffeinated–BUT–it also helps with digestion. I’m a little expulsive in the mouth area but this is in direct proportion to how anal retentive I am on so many levels.
    • I drove my mom and brother to church, then walked over to Power Books and bought:

      Which made me very happy, with useful bits of non-preachy advice about what to do once I realize I’m going to die one day and should treat life as more than a slew of activity to distract me from sex (with people–do I really have to note that I mean sex with people?).

      If Maira Kalman were in a catfight with Roz Chast, who would win?

    • Had lunch with my dad who gave me a fedora that came free with his Cuervo. I now have a fedora that says “Cuervo” so people can stereotype me as a hipster AND a date rapist. I love my dad.
    • I watched The Squid and the Whale and was not turned on by Jesse Eisenberg. This is a first.
    • I got sevral texts telling me to go out and look at the moon, so I went out. Unfortunately this fabled moon of the twitter and SMS-verse refuses to show itself in New Manila, so I just got unreasonably angry and was in the street in my girl boxers going (in my head) “WHAT FUCKING MOON BEAUTY TIARA OF HOLY VENUS AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!” and had to calm my nerves with coffee…which is what my nerves like very, very much. So much for choosing tea earlier today.
    • I texted my friend Peter asking what was the word for it when you’re listening/singing along to one song in your head while another is playing in the real world, his answer: “Infidelity”
    • I met up for coffee with my friend Wincy to show him my new book, talk about money and other –that man’s shoes are pretty! Flowers!– and test the boundaries of serious A.D.D.
    • I usually cap the week off by talking to my sister. So yes, I talked to my sister.
      I’m beginning tomorrow by visiting my lola and learning to write an open deed of sale and selling a car that’s been in our family for 18 years. This is also the first new car I ever sat in, the car with which I learned to drive, and the car of my first (and hopefully ONLY) car accident.

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