Hipster Fight: I’m not sure why we’re fighting when my trophies are these wounds that will never heal…

So every few Mondays we’ve been getting together for this, like, thing called Geek Fight which is the result of the collective brilliance of our generation and we should all give ourselves a big hand for that and the free drinks that came with it. It got moved to Saturday night and you all should go or something.

But honest to blog, the geeks get way too much credit for like the economy and technology and stuff. When the universe isn’t about string theory but about the consciousness of people coming together. And in the midst of all that and somewhere between working on my dissertation for my MFA on Politically Charged Geographies Identified in the Early Works of Marc Beyer, I realized we’ve never had Hipster Fight.

ZOMG, I don’t, you know, even know. I’ll talk about it with my Tuesday night Crochet Club or something next weekend. Tumblarity. #Popquiztime LOLlisauruszaawwwrrrzzzzz

So you know, answer this, or don’t. I mean, life’s too short for me to stop because I’m not a machine, I have feelings and stuff and I just want something that’s not BROKEN, srsly.

1) So, okay, what was the result of all those times that Kevin (Drew) would like go to Brendan Canning’s house and they’d play all these riffs and then…
a. Stars and Sons
b. KC Accidental
c. That one sung by Lisa Lobsinger. But really, who cares about anything after…
i. Bees (or something)
ii. The self-titled one with Swimmers and Shoreline
iii. Shoreline was on You Forgot it in People. My bad.

2) Who shoots most of the ads for American Apparel? I know they look like porn and stuff and he’s gotten sued a million times, yeah, but just so we all know I’m not a fan. Anyway…or…

3) Wicker Park is to Chicago what Echo Park is to (Blank)

4) You guys, when’s the last time Tao Lin actually wrote something readable?

5) I can’t believe it, I just tried checking latfh for more questions and it’s now called something else. What’s it now called? 

6) …And where have all the silly hipster pictures gone? Did someone sue this guy?

7) It’s 3 am, I can’t sleep because I’m busy with some DIY projects. IKR. #hashtag
a. Yeah, I read your last tweet.
b. I’m not sure if that’s a question.

8) Does Manila have its own UO? Wait, the SM group is opening something else that’s NOT UO, what is it? But that’s not fair to all the little stores opening that are funded by honesty and love and not THE MAN. But I, like, need tights.

9) Who is this Mei woman? No really, I mean I heard she’s never been to Fluxxe and now she’s throwing parties and come on, guys. I’ve never met her but I’m sure she wants to be me or something.

10) I don’t know. Go to Geek Fight on Saturday at Ludos. 9pm. Casas and Jizzray are hosting and we wrote better questions for that one. Gimme a ring on the burgerphone if you’re not sure where that is but we’ll be there. I’ll be riding over in my fixy, mixtape in hand, for everyone who shows up (I’m being ironic, and by ironic, I mean I’m lying [about the mixtapes, not Geek Fight. That’s real])

I might have to credit lookbook for that awesome title.

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