I haven’t posted a life update in over a month

And I thought, “Wow, for a compulsive oversharer, that is so uncharacteristic of me.” I am so used to vomiting my whole life story on people, even people I just met, like “Whoops, looks like I got some of that on your shirt. Let me lean in and wipe it off because I have ZERO respect for personal space”.

Recently, I found that this whole oversharing-personal space invader thing isn’t entirely true. I do have my walls up, it just depends on the kind of person you are. Which I guess is normal, thus bringing us to the conclusion that I am normal. Go ahead and cringe, but lately I’ve had to entertain assertions that I am of a not-so-normal class of person. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but maybe if I spend more time with the people who like to think of themselves as “Normal” (with a capital N, like Theology with a capital T), I will eventually figure it out.

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