Frequencies, Other Sources, Recommendations, Conclusions

I think I stopped listening to the radio about 7 years ago. I had just started college and began playing in a band that did bad covers of third wave ska. Thus, I was old enough to start going to gigs and meeting musicians through other avenues that had nothing to do with transmitting radio waves or tuning in.

If it sounds so ancient–“transmitting radio waves”, “tuning in”–that’s probably because it is. I don’t think we even have a functioning radio in this house. If I need a music recommendation, I usually just ask the three old guys on Breakfast at Sulimay’s with a few clicks, rather than sit through an hour’s worth of Franco soundalikes on NU. It doesn’t mean I’m not a music fan. It just means I found other ways to enjoy music. 20,000 something songs on my hard drive attests to this (fuckyeah_piracy); I guess this is the case for anyone who has torrented entire discographies and never even gotten through half of them (sorry Kraftwerk). It’s tastemaking through inundation, which was undeniably something we left to the radio before the days of napster and realplayer.

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