As with everything else.

I put a lot of stock in one’s willingness to commit. I remember telling the Livejournal universe that I wanted to be a tattoo artist because of how underrated commitment is. So much value is placed on vacillation, on dwelling and letting things sit until they’ve hashed themselves out.

I’ve made a lot of decisions based on my instincts and I’m not saying they’re usually the right decisions, but they have forced me to wonder what it really means for something to be the right decision. This can come off as a really fatalistic way to put it, but if there’s anything that really pisses me off about a person–it’s the lack of a spine. If I have to ask myself at any point in our relationship (regardless of the nature of that relationship), why I’m making your decisions for you, I end up very pissed off. I like collaboration. I like commitment. I hate the point where you hand me the menu and say:

“You decide.”

It’s just one meal, it doesn’t have to cause so much agony.

As with everything else.

To edit is to acknowledge that you cannot have it all, that there are some things that can–and should–be deemed unnecessary or superfluous and must be removed. And the removal of an element requires the same degree of commitment as the acquisition of one.

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