Stream of Consciousness Blogging while Surfing the Net, or Finger Vomit, Just Because I Can

Halcyon Digest is a great album.

Why do people tag themselves in pictures in front of Pizza Hut? Or have I become so condescending that I no longer have it in me to understand what constitutes another person’s good time? I mean, isn’t this the kind of bullshit ad copywriters thrive on: seeing people actually eating that shit up? Why don’t we just draw arrows and strategically place neon signs pointing the way to “GOOD TIMES HERE.” Ohmygod, why? Facebook has only led me to question what in the world is tag-worthy and what isn’t. Really? Does everything serve a purpose? Does everything need to be committed to memory??? Forgetting is underrated. Anal retention is where it’s at. AND WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR DSLR?!

And just like that, “Memory Boy” starts playing. I think I’m starting to love Windows Media Player. HAHA! You Apple loyalists are all SHEEEP!!! Judging.

I like how the holy grail is sharper than anything else in this shot. Good job, self! We found it! And now we shall live forever!

But I don’t want to live forever, mommy. All my friends are gonna die and it will be just like that Flaming Lips song, only without the confetti and gymnastic balls.

Shut up! You’re gonna drink from the cup of life and you’re gonna enjoy it!

Forget is a really good album.

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