So much has been written about how this generation has maximized its opportunities to communicate, and yet never really makes any real connections. Described as “a ground-clearing”, the preoccupation with irony and indifference becomes a dead end.

All I ever do is snark and pretend I don’t need anything from anyone, when really, I don’t need to get drunk to be honest. But that’s how it’s been–I’ll let my guard down after this shot. And that bottle. And that one. It’s bullshit and it’s exhausting and my liver is paying the price, but above all that I’m tired of compromising the potential of actual earnestness. And at the risk of turning this blog into a typical repository of sentimental drivel <3 <3 <3 I do actually want something good to come out of dates that take place under the guise of meaningless hook-ups and "uh, well, if you're not dong anything in a couple of hours, we could, I don't know, have dinner or whatever…?…" Because I'm tired of wasting my time "hanging out". There, I said it.

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