It’s someone else’s dead end relationship

  • Andre Dubus, “If they knew Yvonne”
  • Jonathan Franzen, “Breakup Stories”
  • Harold Brodkey, “Sentimental Education”
  • Raymond Carver, “Careful”
  • Adam Thirlwell, “Nigora”
  • Miranda July, “Something that Needs Nothing”
  • Adrian Tomine, “Shortcomings”
  • Richard Ford, “Overreachers”
  • Ved Mehta, “Kiltykins”
  • Hanif Kureishi, “Midnight All Day”
  • Stephen Elliott, “The Score”
  • Jeffrey Brown, “Unlikely”

I can now add to this list, the first Tao Lin story I really liked.

Also, I can finally say I’m cool.

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