In College I:

  • Was friendly enough, but didn’t have a lot of friends
  • Spent too much time on livejournal
  • Had a boyfriend
  • Watched a lot of gigs
  • Slept in the library on top of a stack of books I swore I would read one day, hoping to absorb their contents via osmosis
  • Was not quite sure how osmosis worked
  • Would leave school during a 2-hour lunch break, touchdown in another city 4 stops down on the train, then head right back.

In Grad School/As a College Teacher, I:

  • Didn’t have a lot of friends, still
  • Got paid to blog
  • Single as all fuckery
  • Suddenly lost my appetite for live music. Trying to work it up again in time for The National. Not sure if that’s gonna happen because I’m going to Korea in October and I’ll probably be too broke or too tired to deal with anything besides my obligation (?) to get myself tenured.
  • I’m still not sure if I know how osmosis works

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