The Back End of Forever and Ever

Brainfarting on Ai Wei Wei’s Absent

Much has been written about the artist Ai Wei Wei and his work, the most recent of which being the combined retrospective and opus, Absence itself is the current status of my art, aka¬†Absent(TFAM, November something to January 20 [this isn’t an actual review, so don’t get mad please]).
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While We’re Young

It’s 8.20 pm and I’m on the red line, pretending I’ll make it to the National Palace Museum which, I just found out, stays open ’til 8.30 and is FREE on Saturday evenings. Optimism is the name of the game, none of that glass half-empty shit. But when I step off the train, IT’S RAINING! And I left my coat, which has a hood, because it was warm this morning.
But no worries. Even ugly sweaters can keep you dry. BUT I shortly find out that this is not so, and I try, try, try to keep in mind that even if the sky takes a shit on your plans (or lack thereof), there is always a next time.

The end.

1100: You Are Your Own

I’ve had this image open in a tab for a couple of days and I don’t even know why it’s important, but it feels that way (the church, everything else I could care less about). Mostly because it looks like it could have been taken anywhere – this completely mundane representation of sanctuary. There’s a William F. Buckley quote about “Querencia” which is a word that doesn’t directly translate, but in Spanish means that little area of the bullring where the bull feels he can’t be hurt.
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