Lost in Numbers

Lung Leg, photographed by Richard Kern

Yesterday, I found myself stuck in Austin for 8 hours, weighed down by a 25 pound rucksack which I got for 500 bucks (about $12.00) 5 years ago at a surplus store in Cubao. I was pretty set on retiring it, until I found out that most of the places I end up staying at when traveling (which is the only time I actually get to use the rucksack) aren’t near stops that are friendly to big, heavy bags on wheels. Thus, travel light and don’t bring what you can’t carry on your shoulders.

After the romance of traveling for leisure, it becomes clear how much of it boils down to numbers–both sexy and unsexy–specifically costs, weights, and time(s). Obviously I’m too cheap to hire an agent, but even that’s a matter of numbers. That I can’t afford a cab is a matter of numbers as well.
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