One for the Ovaries

Or, “Ovulating all over WordPress”

Featuring the men who make my vagina do triple handsprings. Yes, vaginas can!*

Fuck being busy. Here’s a picture of my cat.

I was weeping–WEEPING!–tears of JOY while doing the research necessary to make this very important entry happen. I also looked up “Cast of Delicious Man” but Google had no idea what I was talking about. This show exists, I swear, but now I’m having doubts as to whether I was reading the titles correctly. Instead, it kept giving me pictures of Rodrigo Santoro dolled-up in full Xerxes, which was NO. DO NOT WANT.

In the interest of making this list a little less Waspy, I would have added a few other OHMYGOD SUPER CRUSHES, but I work at a University and these are people I might run into, so I guess that’s not happening. Instead, I plucked out pictures of people I’ll never meet in real life anyway, which exponentially lowers the chances of awkward suprise encounters.

  • Matthew Inman, you guys. And he has a hat!

  • Shugo Tokumaru! Lalalahee ha lalalal hahahaha doot doot doot doot clink clink tap tap tap *insert random lines in English here* tok tok tok
  • Ah fuck, I’ll just take the whole cast with a double shot of Wyatt Cenac.
  • This is Nicholas Rombes. This list originally had dudes like Josh Homme and Mike Patton, but I realized as I got older that I don’t need the kind of action that will make my panties explode, I just want…love. And people to overthink it with.

  • Yeah, gay. Do I look like I give a fuck?
  • Are there no pictures of Nikil Saval larger than 50×50?
  • At this point, I noticed that most of the very white and sort of Jewish or at least Jewish-looking dudes I searched for were followed by suggestions that they were gay, so here’s a picture of Chris Messina with an attractive woman, because Chris Messina = not gay.

I was going to write “Yes, vaginas can do that!” But went with my instincts for writing amazing copy instead.

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