• 15 things to do before you turn 30
  • 30 things you should know by 30
  • 3 Kinds of BFFs You Will Have Before You Realize the last F Doesn’t Count For Anything Unless You Make It Work, Because Work Is All There Is
  • 10 Kinds of Guys You Will Date In this Lifetime, Or “Really? 10? Maybe if you quit strumpeting around, you’d be married by now, after all you are 27* (almost)”
  • Food That Actually Helps You Lose Weight
  • Pets You Will Have Before You Realize You Have Too Many Pets
  • Alice, Stop Making Lists
  • No really, just stop
  • The point being: You will meet people. You will go places. You will go places where you will meet people and see things that debunk whatever notions you once held of said place or person. It’s called expanding your horizons, or realizing what an idiot you were to think people or places or things could be categorized so neatly into your twenty-something brain. 
  • Things that humble you into seeing the bigger picture
  • Like, how the world is very large, too large
  • People are worth the benefit of the doubt,
  • or they can be afforded the chance to change, 
  • …and no one is intentionally evil or even mean. A little selfish bordering on sociopathic, maybe. People just are what they are, and you (being what you are) will sometimes get hurt in the process. As much as it sucks, we move on and hopefully learn a thing or two and quit with the stupid fucking lists of “Guys I wouldn’t date” or “Red Flags” or “Dealbreakers” because who knows, you just might like someone who happens to be in Crocs and white pants
  • (LOL, that will never happen)
  • Forgiveness is on every list. There’s a Mountain Goats song for everything.

*Someone actually threw the “But you’re 27! How can you not have marriage plans?” card at me. I bet my weekend was better than your weekend.

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