Half-baked Thoughts on “Generation” as a Verb

Lorenzo Guerrero, A Manila Fire, late 19th century, Eleuterio M. Pascual collection. from pupuplatter

I was going to say something really long and heartfelt about families, and the problems that arise when the same institutions we use to foster dependence can just as easily foster disdain.

(Also isn’t it interesting how generation can refer to both growth and to the stasis of a particular moment in time?)

But the first thing I found while googling my uncle/godfather, Dr. Eleuterio M. Pascual (RIP), came from a blog called “Pupuplatter”. And there went whatever I had to say about the matter.

With that distraction refusing to get out of the way, I’m left with this:

I just came from a wake. It was a long drive to and from that end of the city.

We weren’t able to stop by anywhere else on the way home, as the superstition (or tradition?) dictates, but really: who gives a shit about bringing any ghosts home when the house is haunted anyway?

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