Things like this have been filed under “Drafts” in my Gmail account

This wasn’t addressed to anyone, but judging from its having been dated June 30, 2012, I’m guessing it was for people I wanted to thank for coming to my letter-writing party:

Dear friend,

If you’re reading this, then it means you made the effort to come to my house to break bread and celebrate written correspondence with me and my nearest and dearest. It also means that you matter, that you have been a relevant part of my life, so thanks for that. If we just met tonight, then I appreciate your presence just as well, and hello. Pleased to meet you.

It’s true that I make friends easily, but one (albeit very minor) cause of grief has been how unstable these relationships are. Some people you get to keep. And I guess this isn’t only a consequence of geography, but of time as well, and it could happen to any relationship, no matter how stable it may appear. It doesn’t mean we should be any less thankful (sorry if I sound like I’m preaching, I guess I’ve just come to realize a lot of new things over the past couple of years). Someone I met told me that grace is the greatest of virtues, and I believe that. I also believe we’d be doing ourselves a big favor to be generous, so keep being awesome to people you meet.

Alice Sarmiento

Stay sappy and sentimental, 2013.