Date a Girl Who Travels, pt. 2

Stereotypes of foreigners based on the ones I’ve shared a room with

This post goes out to everyone who has ever asked me if I know any seamen, domestic helpers, or factory workers, because (and I quote) those are “the only Filipinos they’ve ever met”.

  1. Australian – invent stuff; secretly have abs
  2. Cambodian – REALLY AWESOME FRENCH ACCENTS; probably like bread a lot
  3. Chinese – travel in packs; turns out they’re all related
  4. Czech – champions of the white man dance
  5. Danish – know more about your country than you do
  6. Dutch – …please put on some pants
  7. English – deceptively younger than they look
  8. Estonian – like Unicorns, i.e. super rare (except in hostels)
  9. Finnish – blonde
  10. French – look great in overalls
  11. German – tall
  12. Hungarian – alarmingly good looking
  13. Indonesian – will never stop talking
  14. Israeli – large, bald, and intimidating
  15. Japanese – obsessively clean
  16. North American – perpetually shirtless and on the phone
  17. Polish – I love Polish people. That is all.
  18. Portuguese – also alarmingly good-looking
  19. Romanian – Romania gave us the Cheeky Girls, so let’s just think about that for a moment
  20. Singaporean(s) – hate Singapore
  21. South American – I’m sorry, I’m too busy mopping up my drool. Where are you from, exactly?
  22. South Korean – of course I’ll help you practice your English; will pay for everything
  23. Swedish – blonde
  24. Swiss – will also pay for everything

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