Good Mornings

A shiny black BMW rolls into the driveway while you’re waiting for the shuttle that will ferry you and a line at least 15 long and 2 deep across campus.

The door opens and woman in a violet cardigan, white tank top, jeans and sandals steps out. She opens the trunk and pulls out a large trolley bag and a knapsack. Going back to the passenger side, she opens the door again and takes out a child’s uniform that is hanging over the backseat.

She takes a couple of steps forward to open the front door and a child crawls out and almost rolls onto the driveway. Standing up, you see that he is actually taller than he first appeared.

The lady in the purple cardigan takes his hand as the BMW advances. On her arm are the uniform and backpack as she pulls the trolley behind her while guiding the child over the ledge and onto the sidewalk. The trolley wobbles. The window of the BMW rolls down and a woman’s voice yells, “Bye —!” The child waves and shouts back, “Bye, Mom!”

They walk in the direction of the playground, turn the corner, and disappear into the school were the woman in the purple cardigan will wait for the child to finish the day’s lessons along with his lunch, after which she will be there to help him change into a fresh uniform.

The shuttle still hasn’t arrived.