Where We Are: When the Storm Comes?

When speaking of revolution, we often forget to mention the many moments of waiting and merely surviving. Experiencing the mundane means that you have survived another day – there is nothing to report because you have evaded surveillance.

Hương Ngô, We are still here / Chúng ta vẫn ở đây / Narito pa rin kami

Where We Are: When the Storm Comes? is an online zine in three languages, done in collaboration between feminist publishers Gantala Press and Bar de Force Press. This project is an attempt at documenting everyday life and feminist responses to being locked down or surveilled, as part of our respective country’s solutions to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gathered here are projects that question and critique the rhetoric of resiliency and the strategies of discipline, silencing, and censorship that pervade the so-called New Normal for both the Philippines and Vietnam.