Structural Integrity

Can a city’s success be measured by the number of times Michael Bay decides to blow it up onscreen? Whether by alien invasions or zombie attacks, Hollywood has proven that audiences can better sympathize with skylines that they can recognize.
So what does this say about Metro Manila? Enter Jagnus Design Studio, the team behind “that building on Ortigas,” aka Ronac Art Center. Given the volume of nameless poured concrete structures along Ortigas, Ronac’s unofficial christening as “that building” should be an honor in itself, both to the city and for the team that built it.

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Rob Corradetti aka Killer Acid for Status Magazine

I have an article in the April issue of Status on illustrator and former Mixel Pixel frontman, Rob Corradetti. It’s also the music issue, cover’s Santigold.
Here’s the original interview, outtakes included:

1. Hi Rob! How are you? What are you doing besides answering this?

Well hello! I’m currently right in the middle of working on an album cover for Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang. It’s is large drawing that involves eagles, walking sticks, termites, flowing water and wind, and Bongo (which is slang for bling, bluff, or talkin’ shit). It’s called “Kill Me With Bongo” which quoting Boshra from the Bubu Gang translates roughly to “I have no money and you’re killing me with your ostentatious lifestyle.” I love their music! The album is coming out on Luaka Bop (David Byrne’s label) this Summer.
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Julia Fullerton-Batten for Status

I write on occasion for Status magazine and this is a proof of the article I did on fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten. It may or may not have already come out, but it’s become clear to me that I have trouble turning down opportunities to write about people of whom I am a fan. I have trouble turning down opportunities to write, period.

This is her work. Article after the jump.

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