Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver

It’s usually the people who have every reason to shut up–because they’re either well-versed in the facts or don’t have any cause to talk or because they’ve already said the same thing a hundred times before–who don’t.

At first it’s irritating, but I can let it slide, shrug it off, hope it’s the last time I have to hear it. But nope, some people are either too dense or too hell-bent on pissing me off to take a hint. Of course I can’t expect to like everything I hear, but if I have to hear the same thing from the same mouths over and over again, maybe it’s better to just not elicit anything from said mouths unless it’s of absolute necessity (i.e. I need ketchup, you’re stepping on my foot, etc., etc.). Otherwise, I’m just wasting my time listening to you people talk.

I understand that you sheeple miss Mikey. He’s a lovely person and I miss him, too. Unfortunately we broke up and you will not be seeing us around each other for quite some time. It was not one of those sudden deals where the 5-year-old tower we were building just toppled over and all the debris is still scattered around the scene of the crime. It fell apart slowly and we had enough time to cart the pieces away. Rest assured, there’s really nothing there at this point and we would like to move on, as friends. It hasn’t always been easy because we frequent the same places and see each other relatively often, but most of our common friends have been very considerate regarding the matter, which has shown in their refusal to take sides and their respect for us as individuals.

I have no use for whatever need people feel to say that they miss him in front of me, or ask me for updates on his well-being. Their repeated affirmation of this fact is just as unnecessary because, a) I am not Mikey, b) again, we broke up, and c) as of today, I have not sat down to a decent conversation with him for more than a month. It’s great that he lost weight and I am aware of what a great guy he is. However I don’t need to hear it over and over again. I don’t need it squeezed into conversations where it has no place. If you want to keep hearing about Mikey or hearing yourself talk about him, great; then you date him. I heard he’s single, but don’t ask me if he’s seeing anyone because I honestly do not know.

So there. Either you didn’t get it the first time or you are just purposely making the whole shebang extra difficult to get past. (The operative word there is past, by the way.)

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