Holiday Wishlist

  1. That my bike be fixed;
  2. That the insulation in the oven be replaced already because I like baking and the smell of pastry is so comforting;
  3. Backlog of articles, submitted and hopefully published (and read);
  4. Reading list wiped clean, complete with notes and reviews;
  5. That my foster cat and kitten both find loving homes;
  6. That the wall outside my house be repainted, because I’m kind of tired of looking at it. Most of it, at least;
  7. (I’m not sick of making clothes, but) can someone else finish my collection?

It looks like a to-do list because I really just want more time before 2013. And maybe a Zac Efron poster. I still have not forgotten the Zac Efron poster.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Wishlist

  1. I know this is lat year’s but, damn, why so, uhm… My wishlist just consists of books I want to have read (the notes and reviews, erhm…) and other material things I want to adorn my body with. And money for tattoos and whatnot.

    Mature. The words I was looking for is “mature”.

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