This is Auntie

Auntie (1)

I’m looking for someone who’s in the market for a giant cat.
Market may not be the correct term, because it’s not as if I’m selling her. Auntie needs a new home, and you or someone you know may know someone else who’s looking for a cat, kind of like this:

As you can see from the results of this scientific experiment, in which Tara and I stuck post-its to Auntie’s side, Auntie is a very easygoing cat. That is also her favorite spot, right next to her bottomless food dish.

Auntie (13)
And here is what Auntie looks like from behind. These things matter.

Auntie, whose most recent pictures you just saw, is fully grown, spayed, vaccinated, and as you can see she is beautiful. I mean look at her!

Look at her!

She’s like a very naked and very overweight mime. Who also happens to be covered with fur.

She also weighs about 8 lbs., maybe more, maybe less; the point is she weighs about as much as a baby. So if babies are your thing, but you’d rather not change diapers, then this is the baby for you.

Why does Auntie need a new home?

Auntie came to live with me because she had just given birth in one of the flower boxes of the apartment complex where I currently live. Because I live right above a Kowloon House, which is incidentally where Tall Tara and I first spotted Auntie, I figured that this part of the world was not going to be very kind to Auntie and her kittens. So upstairs they went!

Here’s Auntie, solo;

Auntie (19)

…and here is Auntie scolding Pancake for bombing the shot.

Auntie and Pancake (2)
It’s been four months, and now the kittens are fully grown. Because I registered them as fosters with the Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center (aka PARC, aka the shelter for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS), they got their spaying and vaccination for free, and they are now ready to go back to the shelter where another kind soul will adopt them FOREVER!

As for Auntie, she is too old to go to an animal shelter, but not too old for love. However, I have my hands full at this point with Sandwich and Florentine.

Sandwich and Florentine
Sandwich and Florentine

And I’m always getting teased about having too many cats. I have two. And while two is not too many, it is enough. Especially if you live in a 30 square meter apartment.

You however probably have zero cats, and you also happen to be looking for one that is loving, more or less sedentary (i.e. will stay out of your way and off your keyboard), comes when she’s called, and is adorably overweight.

This is your cat.

I mean look at her!

Auntie: aka, the Best Cat.

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