Less Envy, More Fanmail: WILL BRYANT

on Music, Giddiness, and Exhaustion

Will “Mr. Fancy Pants” Bryant makes stuff because he gets sad if he doesn’t; which is a sentiment shared by most creative types but is rarely articulated as frankly and unpretentiously. By making stuff, Bryant’s work has evolved from doodles into graphic design work for big names like the Polyphonic Spree and Girl Talk (in my book these are big names) and posters for SXSW.

I’ve been looking for a good reason to post something about Animal Collective because 2009 just wouldn’t be complete without an entry involving them or Merriweather. The opportunity just hasn’t come up because I haven’t obsessed over their stuff in the last few months. 2009 has been an amazing year for music and my playlists have been inundated with good new stuff practically every other day. Thankfully, Will Bryant also loves Animal Collective so I don’t have to set aside my own entry for waxing on about this amazing Baltimore based quartet/trio. Or maybe I will anyway, I don’t know yet.

Will Bryant: There are quite of few bands I’d have to shout out during our hypothetical conversation.

The most obvious choice for me would be Animal Collective (who have gained loads of recent press) I’ve been a fan of AC for several years. I started with their album Sung Tongs [2004] and then completely lost myself over Feels [2005].The very first song I ever heard by them was “Who Could Win A Rabbit”. It completely blew me away, along with everything else I’ve heard since then. The song that I’ve connected with the most would have to be Banshee Beat. It has a wonderful build up and like most of the songs is lush with layers. By the time Strawberry Jam was released I was well versed in their extensive catalogue, bootlegs, and was soaked with AC vibes. In hopes to get you into AC I would have to provide a mixture of their work. Little treasures from each album.

Other notable artists that resonate with me: Deerhunter/Atlas Sound, White Rainbow, Ducktails, Sun Araw, Caetano Veloso, Beach House, Can, Devendra Banhart, Why?

What quick fix do you keep on hand for when exhaustion kicks in?

Smoothies, banana, coffee, or sunshine

What induces your emotional sugar highs?

Is this where I’m giddy over something? If so…. Whenever I make my wife laugh! Sharing something with someone and they respond similar to the way I did; Making something that feeeeeels right; Solving a creative opportunity that i’ve been working with for hours; riding my bike for the first time in a few days; playing well on the basketball court.

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